chizuru chan (gcgrlgamr666) wrote in angelic_iconz,
chizuru chan

hermy tut

hi minako and i decided to make matching tuts because we r bffs

1. ok first you have to take your picture n crop it to 100 x 100 which i am sure u all know but just to make sure i wanted to clarify

2. so from there you want to set up ur base for the editing. i copied the bg twice and set one layer to screen n the other 2 overlay. this gets it lightr and then it also gives it more darks for contrast

3. ok so now you want to put a peach colored layer set it to multiply, because this will give it pink color through and fill in to make it darker as well. i used a textur that is the right color and it looks like this:

but any of them are ok idc really do what u want lol so anyway do it to make it look like

4. next u need to add a color burn layer that is light pink because that makes it redder and gives the blacks more depth. i used ffe4e4 for mine to get

5. now we are going to make it a littl eless red by putting a blue textuer on

and set it to soft light

6. i decided to put a grungey texture on right about here, but you don't have to if you don't want to
set to multiply now to get the cool red effect started what you need to do is get a daker red texture like this one and set it to screen on yor icon

because then that makes it like this

8. ok so no you want to make it a little mor yellow, because that is what i was going for you can do that by makin a layer set 2 color burn with a color like a7ffa5 which is lite green, kind fo like minty green it isnt pretty just like by itself but it works for waht we are doing

9. now it is too dark so i am going to make it lighter by putting
, or any dazrk texture liek that on color doge for the icon

10. still 2 dark for me so i do another texture

and i set this 1 to soft light because since it is a lighter texture it will lighten

11. then you get another texture, like this one , i liked the colors for my picture

and set it to hard light to lighten again. also it gives a nice texture 2 the icon

12. ok so you can stop ther if you want, but i wantd to go ONE extra step to give it that painted look on the side i added

and set to screen. it makes it look like i threw paint on the wall behind her, and i thought it was a cool effect it is a default brush from photoshop, but it is still cool!!!!!!
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