minako (vampzeldagrl) wrote in angelic_iconz,

hermine tut

me and chizuru each took the same images to icons into a different icons and now we are gunna post the tut of the icons we made cause our icons are diff icons here is my tu


step 1. ok first you need to find your image and crop it to 100x100. i googled cute hermion in dress and got

you see that is too big for an icon so you have to resize it smaller and then crop it to 100x100 or else it wouldnt be allowed on lj userpics. after i did those steps (if u need help cmt) i ended up with which is

step 2. i donot thin there is enough contras in the originl image so i pastd the original imag there agin n set the layer to overlay at 100 percentage. this makes the icon look nice and ocntracted and it looks like

strep 3. ok for this step i wuna make sure the image is not as contrastd as it is n i wanna make the color more blue so i took dark blue #121c48 (thx chizuru for showin me how 2 get the nubmer) and made a new later and set it to excluson 100% my icon is now

step 4 i wantd to make the imag look a litle brightr cause it is dark and hermi is not a goth when she is in a prety dress so i took a pretty pinkcolor #e765a2 and set the new layer to luminence 50% and my icon is

step 6 ok well one of my fav colors is yellow (lol) so i wunna make this icon yello cause hermine is ym fav hp char so i mix my fav color with my fav charactr lol so i took this tan color that is #eeecb0 and i filled a new layr with it n then i uh set it to burn 100% so it made the icon look mor yellow

step 5 i want to make mor contrst with her hair n the bg so i took a pink color #efafb2 and set it to overlay at 68 persent to make good contrast with the bg. (i also added text after this layer)

adn that is it! now u add any text u want. i added her name 2 the icon as u can see LOL. i hope you like my tut. bye!
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