chizuru chan (gcgrlgamr666) wrote in angelic_iconz,
chizuru chan

tut on how 2 credit

k so some people dont' know how to credit, but that iz ok here

1 you go to an icon post and look through

2 pick an icon r 2 idc.

3 save them with names ull remember and in a place ull remember.

4 COMMENT THE POST!!!! the post bcuz people put lots of work into iconz

5 go to like....profile on the top lj bar thing and click manage userpix

6 if u have 2 many delete some bcuz you want the new one!!!!!

7 fill in stuff like browse for the pic and make a keyword like if you have a picture of joel madden u wold say like "JOEL MADDEN" in the keywordz

8 FOR COOMMMENT, PUT SOMETHIN LIKE "ty -insert personz lj name here- for teh good icon" or even just ther lj naem so ppl no it's not your icon

^________^ THE END
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